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Is the cottage let according to occupancy?

The cottage is let as a whole for up to 5 visitors (+ a baby) and not according to occupancy levels.

Can my two friends join us – e.g. for a 2-night mid-week break?

Absolutely. You have use of the whole cottage and all beds will have been made up. However, we would be grateful if any bedrooms that are not required, could be left unused in support of the next change over.

Are there any baby facilities?

  • A travel cot with soft base mattress is available and this can be unfolded/made up and placed in any desired bedroom. (We cannot however supply any cot bedding or pillows etc.)
  • There is also a robust ‘high chair’ for meals, which clips onto the main dining table.
  • Please take care to ensure all such items are set up / attached according to instructions.

Are there any steps in the cottage?

There is a single step (circa 5”) when moving from the entrance to the living room and the same when moving to the bathroom/bedroom area.

Is the garden dog-proof?

  • Whilst the garden is totally fenced and gated, a small dog may enjoy escaping through small gaps under gates etc.,!!
  • NB it is essential that all dog owners ensure any dog poop is cleared from the garden and placed in nappy sacks (supplied in the cottage) for disposal in general mixed waste.

Is there a BBQ available?

Yes - purchased in the summer of 2021 and usage details (together with info for the Fire Pit) are within the cottage. The BBQ will be put away across the winter months. Please let us know if you are looking to use the BBQ in early spring or late autumn, so we can ensure availability!

What is mobile phone reception like?

  • Reception can vary depending on your service provider, but most people will obtain a satisfactory signal somewhere within the cottage. (We find 02 is better than Virgin – although both work within!)
  • If all else fails, the favourite spot for mobile users tends to be around the monument area - just past the harbour.
  • A landline is available for the use of visitors (and an honesty box provided for associated ‘bawbees’!)

How many vehicles can comfortably park at the cottage?

There is more than enough room for two or three cars, along with a turning area.

What refund rights do we have if we need to cancel?

  • Any official government-imposed changes, such as those that had impact due to Covid-19, directly impacting travel and imposing area restrictions (as required and set by the Scot Gov) would of course be refunded in full. (The option to re-schedule would be available if preferred.)
  • If Barracks Cottage has been booked and you are unable to visit due to becoming unwell, we would only be able to refund if we can fill your booking from elsewhere. Please note this would not include the deposit. For this reason, we highly recommend travel insurance to cover any lost payment costs that a visitor might have to sustain.
  • 'Money Saving Expert' provides helpful detail on ‘Holidaying in the UK? Your Refund Rights’

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.